Cutter’s Crossing

Life’s crossroads are those interesting intersections of time, circumstance, and acquaintance. That brief moment where the person you just met changes your life forever, or your action has no immediate impact but creates endless ramifications for those around you. Cutter’s Crossing is one of my crossroads, symbolic of my desire to constantly learn, grow and share.

Where To Now

And today, I am at another crossroads. Cutter’s Crossing has, for the last 15 years, been my development blog. My place for sharing the things I’ve learned, so that other’s can learn from my successes and failures. But these last few years I haven’t shared as much. Not that I’m not as passionate about development, because I am. I’ve just branched out, and reprioritized a lot over the years.

So, I’m here at the crossroads, deciding that I’m not going to take one road, but many. Now I want to talk about Photography, and photo editing, Poetry and little story bits that pop in my head, Movies and TV and Books that interest me, the ever changing global political landscape and why I find it important to remember and learn from our past. And, occasionally, I’ll still talk about development, which continuously changes at the speed of light.

I have copied over some of the old postings. Most of them are the few from the last few years. There were 267 posts over 15 years (guess I was slacking a bit). 187 of those were about ColdFusion and, while I try to keep up with what’s going on there, I’m not really active in that community anymore, and all the content was a bit dated. If you need it, check the Wayback Machine.


First, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own unless otherwise expressly noted. I don’t filter. If you don’t like my opinion, it is your right to disagree. That said, it’s my opinion, and I’ll say what I want. If and when I ever add commenting to this new site, you’re welcome to share your opinion with me, as is your right. Just remember it’s my right to display (or not) “your” opinion on “my” site. I spent a lot of time, with Uncle Sam, protecting our rights to freely speak our minds. You don’t have to agree with me, but you do have to let me express myself.