• Angular, Data, and ES2015 Classes

    I’m really loving the changes introduced in ES2015 (otherwise known as ES6 or the new JavaScript). At work we’ve transitioned to working in ES2015, and discovering the differences has been both fun and challenging, especially when it comes to changes in how variables are scoped. But we’ll save some of that for another day, and talk for a moment about...

  • Stuff Happens

    Sometimes, all of the planning in the world won’t stop a problem from occurring. Recently a piece of code deployed to production. It took a perfectly functional process and rendered it inert, no longer saving data that used to save. It wasn’t horrible, being caught fairly early, but people got upset.

  • Anatomy of a Shopping Cart: A Usability Study

    This little writeup is a usability study of cart layout and process in general. So many apps today are still sporting the 1999 click-and-reload interface, and times have changed. Users are tired of the old way, embracing the new, and if you’re behind the times you could be losing clients fast.