New Beginnings

As the Home page showed, we’re starting fresh. Although I take the occasional side-gig contract, I don’t make money off of this site, and all of my projects are Open Source, so I figured it was time to ditch traditional hosting, in favor of a simpler (and free) setup.

Also branching out here, where I’m going to provide… whatever interests me. I hope you like it, but if you don’t then just skip it. I’m going without a contact form, or comments, for now. If you find something useful, please feel free to share it on social media. If not? Maybe next time…

For those interested in the stack, I went from a ColdFusion blog on top of the Open Source Lucee server hosted in a DigitalOcean droplet with an accompanying MySQL server instance to a Jekyll (Ruby) based blog hosted as a GitHub page. I don’t know Ruby, so tiny learning curve, but didn’t take too long to grok the basics and get this up and running. (Took longer to copy over some content, actually.) I’m still figuring out some of the more creative bits, but content is more the priority.

Until next time!